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CapTrader: Review, Analysis and Complete Guide

Meet CapTrader, an online broker for trading forex, crypto currencies (bitcoin) and a variety of other assets. Based in Germany and operating since 1997, it presents itself as an introducer to Interactive Brokers and is a secure service with experience and variety.

We invite you to read this article where you will find everything you need to know to decide if CapTrader is the right broker for you. You will learn how to open an account, make deposits and withdrawals, the research and training tools for investing in forex.

In addition, you will find the most detailed analysis of our experts and the opinions of the users that will allow you to make the best decision.

Pros and Cons of CapTrader


  • Wide variety of assets, stocks and currencies.
  • Variety of trading platforms.
  • CFDs with crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.)
  • Insolvency compensation program.


  • 2,000 minimum deposit.
  • Not compatible with Metatrader 4 and 5.
  • Does not support bitcoin deposit.

CapTrader Financial Products

Unlike other online brokers with opinions on Wallet Adviser that are exclusively dedicated to CFD trading, CapTrader, as the introducer of Interactive Brokers, offers its users a wider variety of trading possibilities.

With a CapTrader account you can invest in over 100 trades worldwide. Stocks, options, futures, ETFs, commodities, forex and CFDs (bitcoin) from banking centers in the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia.

With a powerful platform at the service of its users, from your CapTrader account you will be able to invest in any of the following assets, in more than 24 countries with direct access to the market six days a week trading short and long, with the option of leverage.

CapTrader cuenta con numerosos productos financieros

Stocks and financial products

  • Stocks: CapTrader offers over 100 trades worldwide. It allows you to earn profits from capital appreciation or dividends (unlike a broker who only trades CFDs).

You can access shares of companies with large, medium or small capitalization, short or long term sales, the opportunities are as wide as the number of options.

  • Forex: in CapTrader you can trade 23 currencies in up to 100 currency pairs worldwide without hidden price differentials or premiums and with low commissions. It also features the FXTrader trading tool specially designed for forex trading.
  • ETF: Exchange Traded Funds allow you to combine the advantages of the diversity of mutual funds with the flexibility of stock trading. Investing in this mode allows you to establish basic allocations, diversify portfolios or implement new strategies.
  • Futures: CapTrader allows you to trade futures on stocks, indices, commodities, bitcoin and much more. This market offers transparency and standardized access to a variety of underlying assets. More than 35 market centers are available worldwide.

This is a good opportunity to help meet trading or risk management objectives. Also, at CapTrader it’s one of the few options for trading with Bitcoin.

  • Options: You can trade options in over 15 countries. The Trader workstation, with its Trader option is a unique resource that facilitates options trading with CapTrader.

In the options strategy lab and the probability lab you will find the analysis tools that will allow you to optimize the way you invest in this market.

  • CFDs: At CapTrader you can trade contracts for difference on shares, indices, currencies, bitcoin and other underlying assets in many countries in a simple, safe and cheap way. More than 7,250 stocks in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Warrants and Certificates: From your CapTrader account you can change a large selection of warrants and certificates. Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Citibank and Societe Generale are some of the reputable issuers you will find.
  • Commodities: CapTrader through IB gives you access to the London Bullion Market, the international OTC gold and silver trading center by trading your IB Spot Gold and IB Spot Silver. You can also invest in a wide variety of commodities such as soybeans, cotton, wheat, etc.


In recent years, crypto-currencies and mainly Bitcoin have made a name for themselves in the world of finance because of their returns and variations that have made them a coveted and very interesting product.

En CapTrader es posible invertir en numerosos productos financieros

From CapTrader you can invest in a wide variety of crypto currencies, through obtaining, shares, contracts for difference or futures trading. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin (a division of Bitcoin) are some of your options.

Unique Programs

Remember that CapTrader, together with Interactive Brokers, provides the user with a trading platform on real assets. If you wish to invest in any asset that is not available at the moment, you will always have options.

Firstly, for those who wish to invest in the value of an asset (e.g. Bitcoin), believing that a price change is imminent, it is possible to access that investment through a Contract for Difference without having to acquire the underlying asset, avoiding the tedious procedures of buying and selling.

More importantly, CapTrader and Interactive Brokers allow the user to submit product suggestions for trading that are not currently available. By completing a form you can ask your broker to include the product you want.

How to Open a CapTrader Account

Feedback from CapTrader users and our own experience confirmed that opening an account with the broker is a safe and fairly simple procedure. The first thing you need to decide is whether to open a demo account or go straight for a live account.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of the opportunity offered by CapTrader with its demo account that will allow you to confirm that the services, options and platforms offered by this broker are adapted to your needs for forex and stock trading.

Cómo abrir una cuenta en CapTrader

If you choose a real account, you will have to decide whether the account to be opened will be a cash account or a margin account. In the first case, the age requirement is to have reached 18 years of age, and the main difference with the margin requirement is that it does not allow short selling or leverage.

If you opt for a margin account, you must be over 21 years old and will be able to short sell and trade with leverage.

1. Requirements and verification

CapTrader in compliance with regulations and in order to offer its clients a reliable and secure brokerage service, asks you to provide real data when creating an account.

It is important to know that the minimum age for a cash account is 18, but 21 to open a margin account (allows for leverage and short trading)

Once the information has been loaded, the user must send the supporting documentation, which will consist of

  • National Identity Card with photo
  • Proof of residence (bank statement, public service, etc.)
  • Credit Cards if you used it to deposit funds

2. Demo account

It’s always a good idea to try a service before you hire it. The 30-day CapTrader demo account is a great opportunity to test the tools and options before making a deposit.

Creating a demo account requires less information (just some personal data) and documentation is only required if you decide to create a live account.

Take advantage of this opportunity to test your investment plans in stocks, forex or crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or ethereum.

Cómo abrir una cuenta demo en CapTrader

3. Countries Available

With CapTrader you have access to markets in more than 25 countries from Asia or Oceania to the most important ones in Europe, the United States or Canada. It also has the coverage of Interactive Brokers, further increasing the possibilities and presence in the rest of the world.

How to Use CapTrader

Captrader offers its users a wide range of tools and platforms that allow them to optimize their investment possibilities in a safe and comfortable way with the maximum analysis.

CapTrader platforms have product-specific tools, such as OptionTrader or Probability Lab, to enhance the trading of each product according to its specific characteristics.

Then, the offer to the user of platforms available for investing in CapTrader is composed of the user portal, the Desktop Trader Workstation, Webtrader, Agentrader Mercury and APIS for computers and the IBKR Mobile as a version for mobile devices.

1. Desktop Platform

CapTrader and IB allow their users to access a variety of different tools and platforms from their computers for secure and optimized trading. You can take advantage of the following options, simultaneously:

  • Webtrader: Web trading platform, with high functionality and simple firewall interface. Ideal for those who want to invest in a direct and easy to use platform.
  • Desktop Trader Workstation (TWS): developed for high performance trading, characterized by sophisticated modules. Especially effective for trading stocks, ETFs, futures and options.

CapTrader cuenta con un sistema multiplataforma

Customizable. This is CapTrader and IB’s flagship platform for active trading with a variety of products that need power and flexibility. They offer advanced development of conventional tools.

  • Agentrader Mercury: Free software included for your active capitalized account. It allows trading automation without programming knowledge, through an easy to use tool. Ideal for trading stocks, futures and CFDs implementing responses by requirements and conditions.
  • Customer portal: There you can consult quotes, trading operations, forex, see account balances, performance statistics, reports and financing. In the option “ask the iBot” you can clear up any kind of doubt or request specific information about quotes.

This is where you will find the necessary information, in an orderly manner for easy access. It is also where you should go if you need advice.

  • APIS: Industrial strength tool, designed for investors who want to write their own commercial software or automate their portfolio.

2. Mobile Platform

For traders and investors on the move, who need 24-hour access to their account, CapTrader and IB offer their users an application that allows them to manage and trade their account anywhere in the world from their Android or iOS-enabled mobile phone.

IBKR Mobile is a high performance solution for mobile phones. Its good performance does not overshadow the diversity of opportunities it offers. From IBKR Mobile you can perform your trading operations, monitor your investments or access all the information from the live markets.

Research and Visualization Tools

As we observed in the previous point, the broker CapTrader makes available of its users a wide variety of platforms that besides allowing to operate from the account in the different markets, in their majority they contain great bases of information for the optimization of investments.

As far as market research and analysis tools are concerned, most platforms contain: historical and real-time market information, level 2 market information, advanced technical analysis tables, Advanced Fixed Income Scanner.

In addition, on the CapTrader site you will find streaming news service, IB market signals, streaming bloomberg TV, dividend tables. Options alerts and analysis.

Finally we highlight the development of iBot, the tool that allows the user to obtain specific information. With their own words, via text or voice, immediate results are obtained. It works in TWS, IBKR Mobile, the customer portal and the FAQ section.

Análisis y opiniones de las mejores plataformas para Trading

CapTrader Deposits, Withdrawals, Rates & Limits

As far as CapTrader’s payment, deposit and withdrawal policy is concerned, the idea is very simple. All deposits and withdrawals are made via bank transfer from or to the account holder’s bank account at the broker.

No room for suspicion, no need for further explanation and maximum transparency. It is a policy that has earned him negative opinions in the style of “needed to deposit in bitcoin and only accept transfer”.

1. Deposit Methods and Minimum Deposit

As we said, the minimum deposit at CapTrader is $2,000. This is one of the highest among European forex brokers. In addition, deposits are only accepted via bank transfer.

It is perhaps a policy of selection of its clients, in which being able to transfer a high amount seems to be a criterion to indicate seriousness or experience.

2. Withdrawal Methods

As for withdrawals in CapTrader, you can request a standard or SEPA (for cross-border transfers in Euros) transfer. In addition, you can make a monthly withdrawal without charging fees. From the second withdrawal in the same month you must pay a fee of 1 EUR in SEPA, 8 EUR in standard.

3. Fees and Commissions

When trading with CapTrader you will generally only find order fees, with no account maintenance or management fees, custodian fees or other commissions. In addition, these fees depend on the type of trade.

As an example, an order for shares from the Tradegate Exchange costs £2, while the same order from the Frankfurt exchange can cost up to £5. To find out the values, please refer to the commission list.

4. Limits

We are in CapTrader that the minimum deposit is 2,000 euros, as we have already said. On the other hand, we do not find limitations to the maximum or minimum when withdrawing balances

Is CapTrader Secure?

CapTrader is a secure broker without a doubt. Its 23 years of experience surpasses most other online brokers. In addition, as a promoter of Interactive Brokers it operates with the guarantee of a large scale provider, ready to endure good times and also difficult ones.

The opinions of users along with the opinions of experts also assert what is being said, this broker is safe. Below we will see other aspects that help to support this statement.

Seguridad del Trading Online

1. Regulation

Since 1998, CapTrader has been licensed for financial operations by Bafin, the body responsible for regulating financial activities in Germany.

In addition, Interactive Brokers as an introduced firm is also subject to regulation and audit by the relevant British and European authorities.

2. Compensation Scheme

First, client deposits in CapTrader are reserved in segregated accounts. In addition, all opened accounts are in principle listed as retail accounts which results in greater legal protection.

Even though CapTrader and IB’s financial situation is healthy and growing, in the event of a possible insolvency, clients are backed by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation for a maximum coverage of EUR 500,000.

Although CapTrader is a German trading and forex broker, IB for insolvency compensation is a member of the FSCS and has a policy at Lloyd’s of London up to an additional $30 million.

3. Customer Care

As we have seen the customer service of the broker CapTrader has the best opinions of users. You can access the support service and get advice on trading via email, phone or live chat 24 hours a day, every day.

We have found this to be an efficient and fast service, effective in responding and professional in providing advice specifically for trading with high market knowledge.

In addition, the site has a good FAQ section, which is perfectly complemented by the iBot platform for personalized auto-answers on a variety of trading topics.

CapTrader Feedback

When looking for opinions on the CapTrader forex broker service we find that there are not too many. The opinions with thanks to the professionals that compose the team are abundant in social networks and they recommend some brokers in particular.

We also found positive opinions about the platforms of the “excellent site, with a great variety of options and very clear” style, although in relation to other brokers in the area the amount is ostensibly lower.

Análisis y opiniones de las mejores plataformas de forex

The first conclusion regarding the opinions of its users is that CapTrader is aimed at a professional audience, with forex experience and assets (not just bitcoin buyers) and is reflected in the lows of 2,000 euros on deposits.

The negative feedback we record about CapTrader has to do with that elitism about its clients. High minimum deposits, and a variety that can be confusing for CFD lovers who understand nothing more than betting that something will go up or down like a casino.

CapTrader Alternatives and Competitors

You should know that CapTrader is not the only broker for investing in forex and other trading assets. As always, from Wallet Adviser we want to help you find the provider that best suits your needs.

For that, you can check the list below, with the best reviews and opinions of our experts about all the available offer:

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When reviewing CapTrader’s offer on forex trading and the rest of its options we find a very complete broker. This is not a place to bet that the value of an underlying asset will go up or down, it is a serious and safe broker.

When you look at the way deposits are made at CapTrader you understand that you are targeting a professional audience, experienced in stock trading. Your minimum deposit of £2,000 or bank transfer as the only method of payment you discover that you are not interested in a certain audience.

We understand that it is a serious and safe broker, with a service recommended for serious and safe investors, experienced in trading and who know the markets, with a need for tools of excellence.

CapTrader Datasheet and Features

Main Features CapTrader
Countries where it is regulated 26
Price Free
View offer
Minimum Deposit €2.000
Time to open account 1 day
Available currencies 22
Available products
Withdrawal fee 1€
Inactivity fee 1
Trading Rates 0%
Bank card deposit
Deposit with electronic wallet
Demo account available?
Easy to use platform?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about CapTrader

🔥 What is CapTrader?

CapTrader is a German based broker that offers financial services to invest in forex stocks and a variety of other assets in a safe and professional manner.

In addition, he is the introducer of the British Interactive Brokers that works as a guarantee of security, professionalism and financial support.

➕ How Does CapTrader Work? How Can I Use It?

Creating a CapTrader account doesn’t have too many secrets. You must follow the steps detailed on the site in the option to create a live account. It is important that all information is backed up by the documentation you submit in order to make successful withdrawals.

Once your user account is created, CapTrader offers you a wide variety of platforms for market research and trading a wide variety of assets such as stocks, forex, ETF, etc.

✨ How to Sell at CapTrader?

To sell an asset from your portfolio in CapTrader you will need to do so from any of the computer or mobile device platforms.

Whether you think it will depreciate or it already is and you want to avoid major losses you go to your portfolio and select the asset you want to get rid of.

➡ How to Make Money at CapTrader

Making money from forex trading at CapTrader will not be an easy task. However, the seriousness, the tools and the variety of options and assets to trade allow to claim that it is convenient to other type of brokers that result in a scam.

In order to make money with this broker, it is essential to take advantage of all the tools it makes available to its investors. All the information, training and analysis are of vital importance for the success of your investments.

⭐ CapTrader Secure?

CapTrader is definitely a secure broker. It has 23 years of experience in the field, being a pioneer in online transactions in Germany. In addition, the support of Interactive Brokers makes it a firm ready to cope with favorable but also difficult situations.

This is further supported by the opinions of users who highlight the quality of care and professionalism of the firm, also confirmed in the opinions of our experts.

✅ Is CapTrader regulated?

Yes, since 1998 CapTrader has been licensed by Bafin, the body that regulates and audits financial activity in Germany. In addition, Interactive Brokers is regulated by the European and UK authorities.

If you’ve made it this far, you know everything you need to know to decide whether to use the CapTrader broker service. Visit our main page for more information about loans, insurance, foreign exchange and forex with the best reviews and opinions from our experts.

CapTrader User Experience and Feedback

Have you used CapTrader services before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a CapTrader service in the comments.

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