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CMC Markets: Review, Analysis and Complete Guide

CMC Markets is a leading UK-based and international specialist CDF broker. With almost 30 years of presence in the stock market, its offices are also located in cities in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America.

Its confidence and security lies in part in being a regulated trading provider and also in having a presence on the London Stock Exchange. With CMC Markets you will be able to trade forex, indices, crypto currencies such as bitcoin, commodities, stocks and bonds.

To learn more about the benefits and tools that CMC Markets has to offer, this article will be of great help.

Pros and cons of CMC Markets


  • Safe and secure broker, backed by regulations.
  • No minimum deposit when opening the account.
  • Real-time news.
  • Extensive risk management methods.
  • Assistance available 24 hours a day.


  • PayPal is not supported on your deposits.
  • 1.8% charge on non-UK card withdrawals

CMC Markets’ Financial Products

Stocks and financial products

In recent years, CMC Markets has added new assets to its broker. Expanding the markets for trading, such as its classic forex and cryptomoney trading as bitcoin. You’ll find commodities, stocks and ETFs, indices, bonds and interest rates.

Investing and trading with contracts for difference will give you the possibility to go long and short, with leverage. This means that you do not need to have all the assets you invest at your disposal.

The leverage offered by CMC Markets will depend on the trade or market you choose. The options within this broker are as follows:

  • Forex: consists of the exchange of currencies. That is, you will buy and sell currencies simultaneously. It is one of the most liquid stock markets. At CMC Markets you will be able to trade over 330 currency pairs 24 hours a day.

Productos financieros y mercados de CMC Markets

CMC Markets’ forex trading platforms promise effective and intuitive innovation. They feature charts and practice tools for the development of your strategy.

  • Indices: when the underlying markets close, the indices of this broker will allow you to continue trading. You will be able to invest in more than 90 international products at any time.

Because of this flexibility, the opportunity to open and close positions in a timely and secure manner is greater.

  • Crypto currencies: The combination of volatility of crypto currencies such as bitcoin and leverage can be an unsafe way to invest. However, CMC Markets has tools that provide greater security.

Such is the case with automatic maturities. While other brokers have it, it won’t close your position if you don’t want it to.

  • Commodities: At CMC Markets you will find a CFD trading platform for investing in commodities. It is a popular and traditional way of trading the markets. In this broker you can invest in energy, metals or agricultural products.
  • Stocks: in addition to traditional trading, with CMC Markets you can have stocks leveraged through your trading. They have products to invest in Apple, Telefónica, Santander and many others.

In this broker, the site where you will find more shares available is the U.S., exceeding 3000.

  • Other markets such as bonds and interest rates.

While expert opinion suggests that having the possibility of leverage may not be safe, at CMC Markets you will find safe havens. Risk management tools will make you safer when investing in any of your trades.

In short, if you choose this broker, you will have the possibility to choose to invest on many trades. For example, on 338 currencies, 82 indexes, more than ten cryptomon currencies including bitcoin.

Thanks to this, you will be able to diversify your assets and have greater possibilities of profit and movement, being more secure. All of this is operated from the advanced platforms offered by CMC Markets.


CMC Markets is one of the brokers with the most options of cryptom currencies to invest, these areDivisas disponibles para Trading en CMC Markets

  • Bitcoin/USD
  • Ethereum/USD
  • Bitcoin cash/USD
  • Litecoin/USD
  • Ripple/USD
  • Dash/USD
  • Monero/USD
  • Stella/USD
  • Cardona/USD
  • Neo/USD
  • Tron/USD

There are opinions that it is one of the most risky methods of investing. However, crypto-currencies are virtual currencies that do not respond to any country or government.

When choosing a cryptomoney trading, you don’t necessarily have to have them. Instead, by using the leverage of CMC Markets’ CFDs you can trade without buying them.

Unique Programs

Whatever assets you have chosen to invest in, CMC Markets will give you the opportunity to explore its platform. Through a demo account you will get an insight into CFD trading.

With it they will simulate the activity of investing in a safe way. Because, no matter if you have chosen forex, bitcoin or other, you will be doing it virtually. So it will give you a full picture when switching to a real account.

Execution of an account at CMC Markets, as with any other broker, is via a platform. But in their case, their customised interface promises speed and flexibility in trading.

The multiplicity of commands will be easy to use and program. You will be able to configure the risk management providing the trading with a safer environment to invest. The orders that CMC Markets allows are:

  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: in other brokers the stop loss used is standard, not certain about market variation or gaps. In the case of CMC Markets you set the price at which you want the position to close, regardless of volatility.
  • Market orders: open or close any trade, be it forex, bitcoin or other, immediately. This means that the purchase or sale price of the asset will be respected at the time of investment.
  • Entry limit and stop orders: this configuration of CMC Markets will allow you to enter a position at a defined price. Regardless of the current market value and for an explicit period of time.
  • Partial closing of positions: no requirement to close completely, you can choose to trade partially.
  • Stop loss orders: this is a standard tool of any broker. Where they stipulate the limit you want to give your position. With the particularity that it does not contemplate the gaps in the market, which can originate due to its volatility.
  • Dynamic stop loss orders: this configuration of your account will be similar to the previous point. With the difference that the limit will be mobile, guaranteeing profit when the market moves in your favor.
  • Take-profit orders: if the other tools are insurance on your account against losses, this is on profits. It is a specified cap on the profit of your position. CMC Markets gives you this possibility to be sure of your profit.

How to Open an Account at CMC Markets

At this point, the first thing that marks the opinions and advice about investing in trading, is to take advantage of a demo account. Whether by forex, bitcoin or any other broker service, a mock account is a safe environment.

In this account you will be able to learn how to trade, skipping the risks of investing in reality. Above all, it is because opinions on CFD trading ensure that betting on them involves greater commitments.

Cómo abrir una cuenta en CMC Markets online

In other words, you will be getting closer to the tools, benefits and contingencies involved in using CMC Markets. Trading virtually on forex, crypto currencies such as bitcoin, stocks and many more.

Once you have acquired this knowledge, and are confident that the CMC Markets broker is right for you, it is time to create a live account. According to user feedback, this step is quick and easy.

Although sometimes you will be asked to complete the form with extra documentation. This will be secure for both your account and CMC Markets. Because confirmation of personal or corporate identity is required at the time of investing.

Requirements and verification

Investing real assets means responsibilities, both for you and for the broker in which you create your account. That is why to trade safely in any trading you will be asked for requirements that have to be verified.

One of the basic requirements for investing is to be of legal age. You will be asked to provide information about your identification and qualifications when trading CFDs, whether you choose to trade forex, stocks, bitcoin or others.

This relates to CMC Markets’ obligation to respond to UK financial services regulations. One more safe bet to set up an account with a regulated broker.

It is likely that you will be asked for the necessary basics to identify your full profile. From identity and personal data to the source of your income and wealth. And what is most certain for you is your level of trading experience.

Of course, the information you enter when applying for a CMC Markets account will be protected. Feedback indicates that the account opening process will take approximately one day longer than usual.

Once you have received notification of acceptance of your account application, you should verify it with a single click. Now to start trading with any of the CMC Markets broker’s trades, such as forex or bitcoin, you will only need funds.

Demo account

CMC Markets has a free demo account service. To start trading they will provide you with a virtual 10,000 euro account to get used to their trading platform.

You will be around an account similar to the one you will have in reality, with the difference that the money to be invested will not be yours. Which is important so that you are safe before you move on to the next level.

Please note that the available fictitious value can only be used for shares. That is, not in forex or cryptomone trading as bitcoin. Although the data will be from the market in real time.

The same way as in the real account, but with fewer instances, you will have to fill in a form. And after receiving an email and verifying it, you will have access to the demo account to invest safely.

One of the things that sets CMC Markets apart from other brokers is that you can use your demo account indefinitely. However, you will only receive real time market data for the first 7 days.

CMC Markets ofrece la opción de abrir una cuenta demo

Available Countries

The CMC Markets broker’s operation hosts more than 10,000 CFD trading markets. In the case of forex you will have access to quotes from more than 330 currency pairs. Or you’ll find more than 10 crypto currencies, including the well-known bitcoin.

You can also choose to invest in shares from 23 countries in the most relevant trading companies. However, their office locations are in certain cities around the world, these are

  • London
  • Madrid
  • Sydney
  • Vienna
  • Toronto
  • Frankfurt
  • Auckland
  • Oslo
  • Warsaw
  • Singapore
  • Stockholm
  • Paris
  • Rome

You will find an official site for each of these locations. With their respective means of contact, such as telephone, email and postal address. With this physical presence in countries around the world you can be sure of their loyalty.

How to use CMC Markets

If you have already gone through CMC Markets’ demo account and want to activate your live account, all you have to do is fill out the application and form. Once you have applied and followed all the steps, you should expect to receive a confirmation email.

In it you will find an account verification button. From here, to start trading at CMC Markets, as with any other broker, you will need to make an asset deposit to open a position.

Brokers have platforms, both for computers and mobile devices, to bring trading closer to where you are. Generally, these are external to the supplying broker. But CMC Markets has developed its own platform.

According to user feedback, the interface of Next Generation, named after CMC Markets, is one of the easiest to use. You can access it for free from your account. You can be sure that the data stays there.

Desktop platform

One of the advantages of the CMC Markets platform is that you don’t have to download any applications. You will be able to log in to your account from the web. All you will need is access to the internet.

Reviews recommend entering Google Chrome for better platform performance. This way you can be sure that the data is loaded in real time, without losing opportunities within the trading.

CMC Markets cuenta con una plataforma web intuitiva

By relying on a site, your trading platform will always be up to date. So you will be exempt from being aware of updates. The platform has default layouts, such as forex or crypto currencies as bitcoin.

But if you want to customize it you can also alternate to the original. Either way you will have available the execution of simple orders, easily used. Such as one-click trading, price scaling, simultaneous long and short positions, stops.

Mobile Platform

The market is constantly moving and that is why when investing, being able to trade at any time and from anywhere is important. With CMC Markets’ platforms available for mobile devices, you will be able to do so.

Just by having a wifi or mobile data connection, you can activate your account or position from anywhere. Even from abroad, if you are travelling.

From it you can access the same tools, data and trading operations as on the computer. You will be able to trade forex, crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, shares or any other trade available at CMC Markets.

Research and Visualization Tools

CMC Markets’ leadership as an international broker is based on the dedication it puts into improving its platform every day. Its personalized development proposes to optimize your trading practice with new versions.

Not only the opinions of experts and users support its effectiveness. The advanced platform of this broker has been awarded as the ‘best electronic trading platform’, in the Shares Awards 2013 and 2014.

It also won the award for ‘best trading functions on a platform’, awarded by Investment Trends 2014 UK. Another award was given for the professional and advanced tool of its charts.

This tool has more than 80 technical indicators, in addition to drawing instruments and supports for the interpretation of graphics. Accompanied by a uniquely designed visualization for data understanding.

You will be able to open or close positions immediately. One of the orders that CMC Markets offers is its ‘1-Click Trading’ function. Or the various risk management options.

All the trades you make when trading, be it forex or any other CFD trade, will be processed instantly.

CMC Markets Deposits, Withdrawals, Fees and Limits

Deposit Methods and Minimum Deposit

No minimum deposit is required to open an account at CMC Markets. From the moment you verify your account from the email received, you will have access to the platform.

Of course, to invest and start trading in any trade, not only in currencies such as forex or bitcoin, you will need to make a deposit. There is no minimum for this either, but the condition is that the first deposit must be by bank transfer.

Métodos de depósito para el trading online

This is due to an extra verification step, through which the broker will be sure of your identification. In the following, the deposit methods are extended. In addition to that, you can choose between debit or credit card:

  • Bank transfer: to make a bank transfer you will need to request the details of the receiving account from CMC Markets’ customer services. And you must do it from an account that belongs to the same holder as that of the broker.

At the time of making the operation it is important that you include your personal data and the account number you have with the broker in the concept.

  • Cards: you can quickly and safely make a deposit at CMC Markets using your card. The balance to be invested will be available in a few minutes. And it will be free of charge within the UK.

Sometimes you may be asked for additional information to make the payment. So that CMC Markets has insurance on the transaction you make.

Withdrawal methods

If you have assets within a trade and choose to sell them, or have a balance in your CMC Markets account, you can make a withdrawal. All you need to do is access any of the broker’s platforms.

In the ‘withdrawals’ section you can withdraw your forex winnings, crypto currencies such as bitcoin or any other. By the same means mentioned for deposits. You can choose to do it partially or totally.

Fees and Commissions

Any broker has commissions for being a necessary intermediary between the market and an individual or corporation. Regardless of whether the chosen trading of forex, stocks, virtual currencies such as bitcoin or others.

Added to the leverage provided by contracts for difference, as is the case with CMC Markets. However, CMC Markets has one of the most convenient commissions within brokers.

In addition to commissions for trading CFDs on shares, there are the costs of holding positions or the spreads or ranges on any other trading. Although maintenance costs can also be positive, if the market is in your favour.

If for any reason you stop investing or trading through your CMC Markets account you will be charged a monthly fee. Inactivity is considered a year or more after no open positions have been held.

You will have a balance against 10 euros per month until the account is closed or trading activity resumes. In the latter case, you will be reimbursed for up to three months.


In the forex market as in any other currency trading such as bitcoin and other assets, it is necessary to set limits to be safe. These will not only be set to stop the loss, but also on the profit from the trades.

CMC Markets is one of the best risk management brokers in the world. You will be able to find the specificity of each one in its official site or in this same article, in previous sections.

Límites de inversión del trading online

Is CMC Markets Safe?

Investing through a broker is not always safe. Knowing this before generating an account and depositing our money in it is of the utmost importance. In addition to the opinions of qualified experts, we must take into account the opinions of current users.

And above all, do it in a broker regulated by one or more international organizations. And regulated by local entities from wherever you are. In the case of CMC Markets you can be sure of trading by trading.

In addition, its permanence in the market for more than 30 years provides a framework of security and confidence when investing. Since 1989 it has been positioned as one of the most chosen brokers.

CMC Markets’ mission in the event that your livelihood is not solvent, is to ensure the repayment of your assets. In order to make this safe and possible, they allocate part of their income to a fund exclusively for this situation.

In addition, in the event that CMC Markets is unable to meet all of its financial obligations, it is supported. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will allocate a maximum of GBP 85,000 to each eligible account.


The regulation of a broker is an important point to consider in order to operate in a safe and risk-considered manner. CMC Markets is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under licence no. 173730.

Thanks to this, you’ll have care. They range from extensive verification of the identity of each account generated in the broker to the disposal of segregated funds. The latter is in accordance with the regulations on customer assets.

The separation of account funds and CMC Markets’ own funds protects you from possible bankruptcy on their part. So that you are outside the work of the company’s consignees.

Compensation Scheme

In the event that it becomes insolvent and does not have the funds to guarantee the return of the assets, CMC Markets has insurance. This is generated by regulation.

One of the first points of this scheme is the segregation of funds. These separate the assets of the client accounts on the one hand and those of CMC Markets on the other. This way you can receive the ones that belong to you, minus the costs.

Another point is the solution in case it is not sufficient for reimbursement. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will take care of the compensation.

Another will be the case if the insolvency is on the part of the bank where CMC Markets has deposited the funds. Losses will be distributed to customers according to the amount allocated to that entity.

Customer Service

This is where the opinion of CMC Markets users is most relevant. According to them, personalized attention is provided by specialists in investment by trading. So you will have help in forex, crypto-currencies like bitcoin or others.

Soporte y servicio de atención al cliente online

Furthermore, according to an average generated by CMC Markets, 98% of queries are answered in less than 20 seconds. They are present 24 hours a day, guaranteeing their presence while any market is operating.

Although the service in Spanish has restricted operating hours, specified on the broker’s site. You can contact them on +34 911 140 705 or via email at info@cmcmarkets.es.

Opinions from CMC Markets

In short, users have opinions about this broker. We can read about CMC Markets that “it is a broker in which I have made considerable profits in the past and withdrawn money without the slightest problem“.

Recently Isidro comments: I have used other brokers but CMC is, so far, the one that satisfies me the most in all fields: transparency, speed in any doubt, unique mobile applications… in short, I am satisfied“.

José adds: “CMC Markets is a very serious company. You can trade by computer and by mobile phone. It has powerful software with easy operation. It allows for leveraged trading”.

Alternatives and Competitors of CMC Markets

In the event that you are not convinced by all the tools and services offered by CMC Markets, you should not worry. There is a wide range of brokers on offer. So you can find the right trading facilitator for you.

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We can say that CMC Markets is a broker where you can invest safely. By means of our own efficient platform for each trade. If you wish to dedicate yourself to forex, bitcoin or any other, you will be able to do so without any problems.

The opinions of experts and users support their confidence of more than 30 years. Added to the peace of mind of knowing that CMC Markets is a regulated broker with a presence on the London Stock Exchange.

While CFD trading does have some risk that traditional CFD trading does not. Doing so from a regulated broker and with management tools such as CMC Markets makes it safer.

You will also be able to support yourself by their customer service 24 hours a day or while any market is operating. And visit all their guides, tutorials and tips that they upload on their site. As well as the professional graphics within their platform.

CMC Markets' technical data and characteristics

Main Features CMC Markets
Countries where it is regulated 23
Price Free
View offer
Minimum Deposit $0
Time to open account 1 day
Available currencies 12
Available products
Withdrawal fee 1,8%
Inactivity fee 1
Trading Rates 0.11%
Bank card deposit
Deposit with electronic wallet
Demo account available?
Easy to use platform?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about CMC Markets

🔥 What Is CMC Markets?

CMC Markets is an English broker with an international presence. It specializes in forex, crypto currencies such as bitcoin and 10 and more trading. It has been operating for over 30 years and has a presence on the London Stock Exchange.

➕ How does CMC Markets work? How can I use it?

CMC Markets works both online and via mobile device platforms. After generating an account and verifying it, you will have access to it. Using them is simple and always guided by customer service if necessary.

✨ How to Sell at CMC Markets

CFDs or contracts for difference work by buying and selling assets. In the case of forex, it is by currency pairs. You can also buy and sell crypto currencies such as bitcoin. In the platforms you will quickly find the option to do so.

➡ How to make money at CMC Markets

Investing at CMC Markets can make you money. The difference in assets and consistent strategies will earn you money. It also uses risk management to reduce losses. Each trade has a different profit margin that responds to the asset you are trading.

⭐ Is CMC Markets Secure?

CMC Markets is a completely secure broker for your data and movements within the market. The rest is up to you. No serious broker will be able to give you the assurance that you will win.

✅ Is CMC Markets regulated?

CMC Markets is regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under licence no. 173730.

CMC Markets' User Experience and Opinions

Have you used CMC Markets' services before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a CMC Markets service in the comments.

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