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IG Markets: Review, Analysis and Complete Guide

IG Markets is a major broker specializing in trading based in London. It focuses on CFDs or contracts for difference. A tool of the financial world that harbours certain risks.

Among the thousands of CFDs that you can trade with, IG Markets has Forex with all types of currencies or in crypto currencies such as bitcoin.

You’re probably looking for opinions about the safest way to invest. That’s why through this article we will tell you the benefits of creating a forex trading account.

Pros and Cons of IG Markets


  • Strongly regulated broker worldwide.
  • No maintenance fees, with minimum activity every two years.
  • Allows PayPal as a payment or withdrawal method.
  • No minimum account opening.
  • Free MetaTrader 4 or private platforms with additional.


  • It doesn’t have daily news about cryptosystems like bitcoin
  • Commission per stop

Stocks and financial products

IG Markets has the possibility of more than 17,000 markets to choose to trade through CFDs. It allows you to trade in rising markets as well as in falling markets. And not only with one type of asset, but it supports trading in indices, currencies, stocks or commodities.

Within each trade of this broker you will find different markets. They have different characteristics:

  • Forex: it is the most chosen currency market. At IG Markets you will find simple platforms with easy to understand charts. You will be able to have reduced rates with spreads from 0.6.

You will be able to open the account in a forex trading in a fast and operative way as soon as possible.

Stocks y productos financieros de IG Markets

  • Crypto-currencies: investing in bitcoin or other virtual currency from IG Market’s trading will provide you with superior liquidity. You will be able to choose to invest among the main currencies. Being safe because of the guarantee of being a regulated broker.
  • Indexes: IG Market allows you to trade 24 hours a day in 25 stock market indexes, including Wall Street. Without the need to count a sumptuous start deposit, thanks to the leverage.
  • Stocks: one of the main benefits of trading stocks with this broker is its low commissions. Accessing the market directly with the possibility of doing so after hours.
  • Other markets: such as global commodities, IPOs, bonds, ETPs and others

With IG Market you will have a choice of over 60 currency pairs to trade forex with. Choose to go long or short on crypto currency pairs such as bitcoin.

Like choosing Wall Street indices or stocks at competitive rates, among other markets. By generating an account at IG Markets you will be able to program your stops, limits and alerts. Making investing safer for your capital by limiting risk.

Crypto Currencies

In case you don’t already know, crypto currencies are virtual currencies that do not belong to any country, but operate independently. But this does not prevent them from being an asset to be invested, as is the case with bitcoins.

With IG Markets’ crypto currency trading you can trade in eight crypto currencies, including bitcoin. Through a CFD you will be able to trade on the bitcoin value without the need to buy them.

IG Markets, in addition to bitcoin, offers: ether, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, stellar and NEO. This broker’s crypt currency trading expands exposure with a Crypto 10 index on all major crypt currency pairs.

By opening a bitcoin trading account with IG Markets you will be able to access more than 16,000 markets worldwide in a secure way. With the possibility of trading from wherever you are through the mobile platform.

With IG Markets’ leverage, you will have greater buying and investing power for more than your actual capital. Having the possibility to take advantage of opportunities through software that automates your trading.

Unique Programs

As we have said before, IG Markets has other trading companies. In addition to forex and bitcoin, you will find other programs where you can invest through an account with this broker.

If you have never invested in them, you can create a demo account as your first experience. Or if you are an expert in forex, bitcoin or other trading, you can investigate this broker before investing real money.

IG Markets Mercados disponibles para trading

If after the 14-day trial you decide to generate a live account, you will be granted access to your standard account. Switching to a Premium, Limited Risk or Corporate account will not be your choice, it will be determined by what you want to invest.

IG Markets operates with CFDs, which allows you as a great advantage to invest an amount without acquiring or owning it in reality. However, according to expert opinion, it may not be the safest way to trade.

This is why it is important that the broker provides risk management tools. These will be managed by you in your trading account, be it forex, bitcoin or other. IG Markets has 6 different ones.

Risk Management

  • Price Alert: Whichever trade you choose for your account, it is not every day or every hour that you should invest. IG Markets has this tool to warn you about stock changes. To detect the safest time to invest.
  • Stop Loss: this free tool will close your trading position as soon as the market goes against it. Although it will not protect you against gaps that may be generated in the market.
  • Guaranteed Stop: this is a guaranteed stop loss limit. Through your account you will be able to manage the loss limit that your trading can have. So you will be sure about the closing of the operation.
  • Dynamic Stop: you will create a stop at the beginning of the operation and it will move according to the market movements of your trade. If the situation becomes adverse, your position will be closed according to the new level that the dynamic stop has established.
  • Limit order: as the name suggests, you can set a safe limit according to your investment objective. By automatically closing your position.
  • Balance status: permanently know the status of your trading, be it forex, bitcoin or other. This way you will have a constant control of your profit or loss in relation to the market and trade accordingly.

How to Open an Account at IG Markets

IG Markets is one of the leading brokers in CFD trading, especially in forex and bitcoin. That is why it is recommended in the opinions of users and experts, especially for the security.

To start creating an account, you must go to their official site and complete a form according to the regulations. This registration form is independent of each broker.

Cómo abrir una cuenta en IG Markets

You will have to fill in fields with personal information, as well as declare what your income is and where it comes from. You can specify your trading experience to enable your account.

The last step will be to accept terms and conditions, user contracts, risk warnings and so on. All that remains is to accept your application to apply to the IG Markets broker. With the ‘start now’ button you will access your account and you will be able to see its status.

Requirements and verification

To trade with real money or assets within any broker’s trading you will need to meet certain requirements. IG Markets has its own requirements, regardless of whether you use your account for forex, bitcoin or other.

To start with, you’ll have to be over 18. In addition, IG Markets will need to verify your identity, which is safe for both you and the broker. It prevents possible fraud within any market trading.

Since CFDs are more risky than other forms of trading, IG Markets will ask you about your experience. Here you will determine if this is the most suitable way for you.

The fact that the IG Markets broker is regulated is a source that it is safe to trade. And this adds other requirements demanded by your regulator. So your question about your understanding of CFD trading will be exhaustive.

Similarly, thanks to this, IG Markets offers guarantees. If in the form you fill in any field with the name of a company, it will not be contacted. Your data will be protected according to their privacy policy and current laws.

When you are done, you will receive the account confirmation message. When you log in you will see that your account is pending. For verification you will need to complete the final steps of activation.

In the first of these steps you will be tested on your knowledge of the risks. Through a multiple-choice test you will be able to demonstrate what you know in one session.

According to users’ opinions, this test will be easy if you are already prepared in trading. If you do not have any knowledge yet, you will have at your disposal courses offered by IG Markets broker. You will be able to access them right now.

Before this, you can practice on your demo account. To learn about the trades and risks when trading CFDs, such as forex or in crypto currencies such as bitcoin.

If everything has gone well, you will be sent a verification, confirmation, opening and welcome email to the IG Markets broker. And according to opinions, a call from the support to clear up possible concerns.

Demo account

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you choose to trade CFDs or if you’re already an expert. Nor does it matter which trade you choose, be it forex, bitcoin or other. Having a demo account will allow you to approach IG Markets’ services in a secure way.

Cómo abrir una cuenta Demo en IG Markets

It will be a necessary tool to educate you about what it takes to invest in this type of market. It brings you closer to a realistic but simulated way of trading in this broker.

And you can be sure that the risks you run are fictitious, since the money does not respond to a real account. The funds you will start from in the demo account are 20,000 virtual USD to trade safely.

Available Countries

IG Markets has an international offer. Choosing which of their offices best meets your needs is up to you. With the exception that protections are only guaranteed in the UK and the rest of Europe.

This does not mean that the location of the non-European entity of this broker does not have local protections. In turn, you will be able to generate as many accounts as you wish, in the variety of sites you need.

According to the place where you choose to invest, your trading will have different types of regulation and protection of your money, services, entry and exit costs, deposit minimums, registration protocol or possibility to trade without being a resident.

With IG Markets you will be able to trade in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Rest of Europe
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Dubai
  • Japan
  • USA (Nadex)
  • USA (IG)

How to Use IG Markets

Betting on CFD trading can be risky. That is why IG Markets has several tools that will make its use easier and focus on your investment.

From the standard account, you will have tools or analysis in the form of graphs to help you. To access a platform and start trading, you don’t have to meet any minimum deposit requirements.

IG Markets will give you the opportunity to train in the world of the stock market. Through various supports, you will have trading education. According to opinions, in the bet on the forex market, these means have been of great help.

You can attend face-to-face or virtual seminars at their trading school. Or visit tutorials sweeping the basics you must have when trading.

To apply all this knowledge and trade, you will use the platforms that IG Markets has to offer. Designed specifically for each device.

Desktop Platform

IG Markets‘ desktop platform is online. So you are not forced to take up space on your computer by downloading any applications. According to opinions, its design is extremely enjoyable and intuitive, and it will be easy to use.

Among the promises IG Markets has on this platform is the ability to trade with one click. Vary the visualization of the content, between a limited or extensive one. And invest through the graphics.

Through the tracking tools it provides you will be able to set your own risk manager configuration. And set up a list of bookmarks of favorites or markets to have them quickly available.

Mobile Platform

Within this category you will find the platform for iPhone or Android. Specialist opinions and awards place your Apple application as one of the best for CFD trading.

App móvil de IG Markets para Trading

Having the platform on your mobile will give you access to the market in the place and time you want. This will provide you with unique investment opportunities as well as reduce risks. You will have the same ability to set stops and limits.

You don’t have to worry about regulation, the use of mobile platforms is just as safe. And for added peace of mind, it operates with data encryption. Your data will be protected.

Research and Visualization Tools

IG Markets is a leader thanks to the security of its regulation and its dedication to details. The opinions of users and experts highlight the ease of use of its platforms. Available in mobile, tablet and online.

Not long ago, UK Forex Awards gave him the award for ‘best mobile and tablet forex application‘. While the MoneyWeek Readers’ Choice Awards have named it ‘best CFD trading platform’ and ‘best forex platform’.

By simply logging into your IG Markets account you can trade using the Digital 100 from any device.

Having these quick and easy to view platforms, specially designed for each use, will be a great help. From them you will be able to manage all the tools for editing and closing positions.

Regulate your stops according to the risk you want to prevent. Taking into account the live trends of the stock market so you don’t lose opportunities or know when to withdraw.

You can also set up extremely useful notifications, such as price alerts. And access excellent technical charts with which to monitor your position.

Deposits, Withdrawals, Rates and Limits from IG Markets

To enter the market with any position, you must have an intermediary. This is the function that the broker takes on. In traditional trading, your deposit is equal to your investment and you will make it in advance. It is a real asset that you have at your disposal.

In contrast, for CFD trading, such as those handled by IG Markets, the deposit or margin is leveraged. This means that they will invest money that you do not own or that you do not have to pay in full for your exposure.

IG Markets has two types of margins, initial and maintenance. These will vary depending on the trade you choose. The same applies to commissions, in the case of shares, or spreads in the rest of the CFDs.

Within the payment and withdrawal methods you will find facilities. IG Markets receives the payment or withdrawal by bank transfer or credit card. And recently it has incorporated PayPal.

Deposit Methods and Minimum Deposit

You can deposit funds at IG Markets in a safe, flexible and fast way. This step is the first one for trading within any trade. According to your opinion, you will be able to deposit your investment in less than 5 minutes through your My IG account.

The methods of payment or income are varied, so it is almost certain that you will find the best one for you:

  • Card: whether credit or debit, it is the fastest way you will find as your transfer is on the spot. And unless your card needs special authorization, it will be instantly entered into IG Markets.

You can only use a card that has the same name as the trading account.

    1. Debit card: Maestro, Visa-Delta, Solo and Electron (free and instant cost)
    2. Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard (free and instant cost)
    3. Prepaid card (variable and instant cost)
  • Bank transfer: for this method, you must register the name and account number of the bank in your IG Markets account. And as a concept the IG account number and your name.

The cost is free and can take up to 3 days to pay. You will find the account details on the official IG Markets website. And a contact phone number in case you want to enter a currency other than the Euro.

  • PayPal: in the last time it has had this great incorporation. Without a doubt it brings speed and functionality to IG Markets.

Whichever way you choose, you can manage it from your mobile platform.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal of money or assets is a fundamental part of the investment task. You must be sure that the broker you hire is faithful and reliable. In the opinions about IG Markets you will find the guarantee of its security and support.

Métodos de retiro para trading

The funds in your account will be available in your My IG session, in the ‘withdraw funds’ section. In the same way that we detail in the payment methods, you will be able to dispose of your funds when you withdraw them.

In the case of bank transfers, you must take into account compliance with money laundering regulations. The length of time you will see your balance will vary depending on the method you select.

Thanks to the incorporation of PayPal, you will be able to have your assets in less than 24 hours, in a safe way. While the return by bank transfer should respond in the same way, according to opinions can take up to 72 hours.

At IG Markets, the minimum withdrawal amount is $150, unless your balance is lower. In that case you will be able to dispose of it in full. The maximum varies according to the method chosen:

  • Cards: up to £25,000.
  • PayPal – up to 7000 euros per transaction. With unlimited number of transactions.
  • Bank transfer: no limit.

Rates and Commissions

The rates and commissions with which IG Markets operates are as varied as the trades it holds. It will not be the same to invest in forex as in crypto currencies such as bitcoin. Each will have different service and maintenance costs.

For forex, the average spread is 1.33 with a margin requirement of 0.5% and a value per pip of £10. While in bitcoin, the minimum spread is 36, a margin requirement of 10%, value per pip of $1 and a limited risk of 50.


In the stock market there are both entry and closing limit orders. These will mark a margin of operation within the same session.

The entry position will be the initial opening position of the exhibition and the closing position will be the one that marks the end. Within IG Markets you will be able to stipulate a minimum sale price or maximum purchase price.

Is IG Markets Safe?

The decision to invest, whether for few or many assets, is an important step. Doing it through CFDs, implies a higher risk. Although doing it through a secure provider like IG Markets, the benefits are many.

IG Markets is a broker with more than 40 years of experience. It is one of the most valued and awarded stock market platforms. It is a complete and secure broker, as it is a provider of more than 17,000 markets including forex and bitcoin.

Each of these are regulated by the relevant local commissions in the place from which they operate. This provides a completely secure framework as it must respond to international regulations.

Investor identification is part of this. When you create an account at IG Markets you will need to confirm your identity, the origin of your assets and expose the knowledge you have when trading CFDs.

As if that were not enough, the opinions of users and specialists safely recommend the investment of assets through this company. It is widely valued and chosen by over 178,000 users worldwide.


As mentioned, IG Markets is a fully regulated broker. Without a doubt this condition makes the job of investing safe. You will have peace of mind knowing that your assets are in good hands.

IG Markets is regulated by the license obtained from the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). And in Spain it is endorsed by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission).

They are also authorized by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). As well as the relevant entities where they are based internationally.

Regulaciones para Trading

Compensation Scheme

Of course, in addition to having a regulation to respond to, it is important that the trading provider provides you with a back-up. So that in case the company has problems, your assets are safe.

In this case, the refund will be provided to customers with an active account, discounting the cost and maintenance and distribution of funds. Although this will depend on where you have chosen to invest.

It is your responsibility to select the entity at IG Markets. By creating an account on a non-UK or non-European site, you will be outside the protections of these sites. Although backed by local protection.

So the English Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the German EdW will not guarantee the security of the funds. As with the protections, there will be alternatives available at the non-European location.

Customer Service

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out in CFD trading, you may need help from time to time. IG Markets has specialized and personal attention.

One of his mottos as a broker is the concern for the profit and success of his clients. And according to user feedback, this is reflected in the dedicated support service. It is possible that this is due to the professional preparation of those who want to operate it.

Contact methods are inclusive. You can choose to contact us by phone, email, twitter or direct chat. In Spain the phone number is +34 917 87 61 57 or info.esp@ig.com.

IG Markets’ opinions

The opinions of users are decisive when contracting a service. About IG Markets you will only find positive words. It is noted for being safe, reliable and easy to use.

Like a user who appreciates good technical support and the wide range of assets available. Referring to the more than 17,000 markets in trading as forex, crypto currencies as bitcoin or others.

Another opinion, in this case from Javier, highlights the benefits of the demo account. It has helped him learn how the broker works since he did not have solid previous knowledge.

Alternatives and Competitors of IG Markets

If the services of IG Markets have not convinced you. You can find a lot of brokers in the stock market. These alternatives are just as competitive and secure as the provider we have analysed.

In the following list you will find the links that will guide you to the reviews of other providers.

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With all the above, we can conclude that IG Markets is not a leading broker in its field for nothing. Its presence in more than 17,000 markets guarantees it, as well as the serious bodies that regulate it.

This will provide you with a secure framework around the risks inherent in trading CFDs.

IG Markets technical data and characteristics

Main Features IG Markets
Countries where it is regulated United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Dubai, Japan, USA (Nadex), USA (GI)
Price Free
View offer
Minimum Deposit $0
Time to open account 1 day
Available currencies 30
Available products
Withdrawal fee $0
Inactivity fee 1
Trading Rates Low
Bank card deposit
Deposit with electronic wallet
Demo account available?
Easy to use platform?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about IG Markets

🔥 What is IG Markets?

IG Markets is a leading stock market broker based in London, UK. It specializes in trading with a focus on CFDs or contracts for difference. Among the 17,000 international markets it offers, you can trade between forex, crypto currencies such as bitcoin or others.

➕ How does IG Markets work? How can I use it?

Using IG Markets is simple. Your demo account will be of great help to you to get to know the trading platform you choose. You can choose between their online or mobile platform. Available for iPhone, Android and tablets.

✨ How to Sell at IG Markets?

Contracts for Difference or CFDs work by buying and selling assets. This broker specializes in this type of contract, so from their platforms you will have the option to sell easily.

➡ How to Make Money at IG Markets

Making money with IG Markets is possible in any of your trading. The key will be to open a position at a lower price than the withdrawal. With forex, for example, it will be by the difference between the values of the currencies you select.

⭐Is IG Markets Safe?

Using IG Markets is safe. Of course, the asset gain will depend on you and how you use the market movements. The broker, no matter what trade you choose, will provide you with tools for your strategy, such as price alerts or stops.

✅Is IG Markets regulated?

IG Markets is regulated by the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). And in Spain by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission).

IG Markets User Opinions and Experience

Have you used the services of IG Markets before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using an IG Markets service in the comments.

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