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Plus500: Review, Analysis and Complete Guide

One of the best brokers we can find today is Plus500. It has been operating since 2008, and since then has managed to work in different countries worldwide, with excellent opinions.

If you want to venture into trading, this a great intermediary totally safe that will allow you to manage to invest your money under previous analysis thanks to its intuitive platform. In this way, you will be able to open an account in Plus500 to be able to start acting in the financial market in a simple way.

Plus500 allows operation with different cryptosystems such as bitcoin. In turn, you will be able to invest in Forex, the currency market. In the next sections we will show you everything you need to know about this broker.

Pros and Cons of Plus500


  • Large number of payment methods.
  • Excellent opinions on the web.
  • Available for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Many markets to invest in.
  • Very easy and intuitive to use.


  • Does not offer leverage reduction.
  • He only operates with CDF.

Plus500 Financial Products

Plus500 is a broker that has been operating in the market for some years. It has become known because it is the official sponsor of the football club Atlético Madrid, one of the most popular in Spain, as well as having excellent opinions.

This secure broker offers different markets and products to invest. This trading platform offers different options. Among them Forex, invest in cryptosystems such as bitcoin, among other advantages. Here, we will show you all the investment possibilities you will have when you open an account at Plus500

Plus500 ofrece numerosos productos financieros

Stocks and financial products

Among the stocks and financial products offered by Plus500, we find stocks, forex, commodities, ETF, indices and options. Below, we will describe the possibilities to invest in them.

  • Stocks: To begin with we will describe the stocks of Plus500. Within this trading platform, there are a number of possibilities to trade your money safely when generating an account. Among the most important ones, we can find Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Repsol, Delta Airlines, Santander, Apple, among others.
  • Currencies (Forex): Within Plus500, we can invest in Forex. Within this broker we can invest our money in different currency pairs offered by the platform, which according to the opinions is profitable, although it has its risks. Within the currency pairs that it operates, we can find EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, CHF/SEK, EUR/PLN, among many others. You can safely invest in the Forex market with a great amount of possibilities.
  • Commodities: Another benefit of the Plus500 broker is the ability to invest in commodities. Through trading, we will be able to put our money into different products. By opening an account you can invest in Oil, Sugar, Silver, Gold, Heating Oil, Copper, Palladium, Corn and many more options according to your needs.
  • ETF: Another possibility offered by this broker is to invest safely in mutual funds or ETFs. Their value is high, but they usually produce a large amount of profit. Among those offered by Plus500 we find some like: GLD Gold, Commodity Index Fund, Nugt.
  • Indices: another product offered by this company for investment is indices. You will be able to trade with those offered by this platform: Japan 225, USA, 30 Wall Street, Holland 25, etc.
  • Options: to finish with the products of the broker Plus500, we will talk about the options to invest that this platform offers when opening an account. Within this web site you will be able to choose from a large number of possibilities that this site offers to act on underlying assets.


As we have seen, Plus500 works with different products such as Forex and Stocks, among others. According to opinions, this platform has managed to expand by allowing people to trade with crypto currencies, such as bitcoin.

Trading de Criptomonedas online

While bitcoin is the most popular crypt currency today, there are others. The Plus500 broker allows you to invest safely in cryptomonies in order to generate profits when you open an account. Here, we show you the different crypto currencies in which we can invest in Plus500.

  • Bitcoin: The most popular cryptomonnage today is bitcoin. At Plus500 you have the possibility to invest your money in this type of currency market safely. Due to its great popularity, this currency has a high volatility within the market. Therefore, investing in bitcoin is not completely safe.
  • Ethereum: another of the popular crypto currencies such as bitcoin, is the ethereum, according to expert opinions. This one has also increased its value in the last time, although it presents less volatility than bitcoin. It is a good option to invest your money in Plus500. It is more accessible and less volatile than bitcoin.
  • Litecoin: this cryptomone currency was created from the division of bitcoin. It has other features since its investment cost is lower. In addition, unlike bitcoin it is less volatile.
  • Monero: Another of the crypt coins offered by Plus500 is Monero. It has a variation of 2.38%. This way, this crypto currency can be a good option to invest with a low profit or loss margin.
  • Tron: Plus500 also offers the Tron as a crypto currency in which to invest your money. When you open your account you will be able to invest in Tron. As it is a less explored currency like bitcoin or ethereum, you can make an excellent profit in case it becomes relevant in the future.

Within the Plus500 broker, we find other crypt currency options to invest among which are: Crypto 10 index, NEO, Ripple XRP, IOTA, Stellar, EOS, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Cardano.

Unique Programs

Within Plus500, we find different types of accounts. Within these unique programs, they offer different options that according to the users’ opinions are very beneficial.

Plus500 cuenta con programas únicos y plataformas intuitivas

Among them, we can find first of all the demo account. This account is used for safe trading as you will be using fictitious money in order to learn more about how Plus500 works.

Secondly, when you feel more confident, you can use the Plus500 account with a minimum deposit of $100. It has a leverage of 1:300 so that you can start investing in e.g. bitcoin or shares.

Finally, Plus500 offers a professional account for investing in Forex, Stocks, options, etc. This is for the more experienced market participant. The investments are greater as the leverage and risk when investing. This type of account is for those who are very active in the financial market.

How to Open a Plus500 Account

Opening an account at Plus500, according to users’ opinions is very easy. You can choose between the different account types offered by this broker according to your needs and preferences in order to invest in trading.

By creating an account on the Plus500 platform, you will have access to various benefits offered by the broker. To begin with, you will be able to invest in crypto currencies such as bitcoin, shares, Forex, among other options.

Generating an account at Plus500 is totally secure. All you have to do is generate a user and in the case of selecting the accounts that require a deposit, you must do so using the payment methods accepted by the platform.

Cómo registrarse en Plus500 online

Once you have generated the user, you can start generating profits by investing in the financial market at Plus500. In doing so, you will assume the risk involved in this type of trading.

Requirements and verification

While opening an account at Plus500 is very simple, it does require a number of requirements to trade safely. In this way, the broker avoids all kinds of scams from users.

Once you have registered your user, you must meet the requirements of Plus500. First you must confirm your details, i.e. both your email address and your telephone number.

In doing so, the verification stage begins. For this, you will need to send a copy of valid documentation. In turn, you will need to verify the site of your residence, as well as the payment method you have selected. You don’t have to worry about this, since Plus500 is 100% secure as mentioned by users in their reviews.

Once you have completed this process, you must make the minimum deposit of $100 required by Plus500. When you’re done, you can start investing in Forex, Bitcoin, stocks, commodities and all assets of your choice.

Demo Account

One of the great advantages that Plus500 offers and that has earned the best user reviews is its demo account. It is completely free and serves as a test account for when you invest in real money.

This demo account works for virtual trading. The platform provides virtual money, which you can invest in different items. You can try Forex as well as crypto currencies (bitcoin, ethereum, Monero) or even stocks.

This is a great advantage offered by Plus500. It gives us the opportunity to test the platform in the best and safest way, so that we can familiarise ourselves with it before investing real money.

This account offered by this broker can be very useful as the users’ opinions support. Without a doubt, it presents a great advantage for placing real money in the financial market.

Plus500 cuenta con una plataforma fácil de usar

Available Countries

Plus500 works with more than 50 countries around the globe. This Australian company, since its foundation in 2008 has expanded in the market to become one of the best companies in terms of financial investments.

By providing contracts for difference for trading in instruments such as Forex, bitcoin, indices or stocks, it offers excellent returns. Many people around the world have tried this platform and have been satisfied with it, although on many occasions it can lead to risking money.

This company, which has established itself in different countries of the world, has generated excellent opinions due to the fact that it operates in a safe and transparent way. That is why it has a large number of users every day.

The broker Plus500 has managed to open its market to different countries of the planet. In the following list, you can see all the countries in which this Australian company operates:

  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Bahrain
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • French Guiana (France)Plus500 permite invertir a nivel mundial
  • Gibraltar
  • Guadeloupe (France)
  • Isle of Man
  • Kuwait
  • La Reunion (France)
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Martinique (France)
  • Mayotte (France)
  • Mexico
  • Monaco
  • Oman
  • Panama
  • Qatar
  • Saint-Martin (France)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Uruguay

How to Use Plus500

According to the users’ opinions, using the platform offered by Plus500 is very easy. It has a very intuitive system to see your investments in real time and with very clear graphics.

When you open an account at Plus500, you will be able to see how the contracts develop in relation to your investments. You’ll be able to see the trading of your Forex investments, Bitcoin crypto currencies or even your shares.

While it is very simple to invest, it can present some problems for users. That’s why Plus500 has excellent 24/7 customer service and the demo account to see how it works.

Finally, the great advantage of this broker for investing is that it is compatible with all types of devices. Therefore, it presents the application in its computer version, as well as for mobile devices in a safe way.

Desktop Platform

For those who prefer to manage their accounts from the computer, Plus500 has developed this platform which is constantly being updated. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

In order to use this, you must first create a user before you can begin financial trading. Once you have done so, you will be able to choose the type of account you want to start with.

Plataformas para Trading online

Once you have done so you can start using the platform to trade safely in forex, bitcoin, commodities and all the services offered by Plus500. According to the users’ opinions, the platform is not only very easy to use but also very modern. This shows that this company also cares about the aesthetic part.

In conclusion, we must say that this is not a desktop application. It can be used through different browsers.

Mobile Platform

Plus500 also features an application for all types of mobile devices. It is compatible for Android, IOS and even Windows Phone so you can track your investments.

Like the desktop application, the mobile application is also simple and intuitive. According to the users’ opinions they can see the investments of bitcoin, forex, bonds in real time in the financial market.

This broker through its applications operates safely. This digital platform for financial trading offers excellent advantages for investing. This application has an excellent design, and also has excellent ratings from users who have already used it. It is totally free.

Research and Visualization Tools

Plus500 offers a wealth of tools for users to have certain advantages when investing. In this way, you can trade different products such as forex, ethereum, bitcoin, shares and indexes with the tools offered by this broker.

To begin with, we can say that your graphics are incredible. Within the platform that offers this broker, there are a great amount of variables to be able to visualize the graphics of the movements of the assets in the best possible way

At the same time, an economic calendar of the most important events of the year that according to the opinions of experts is very useful. So, when you create an account at Plus500 you will have access to these benefits.

One flaw that we can name in relation to Plus500 is that it does not have a news sector for users. In addition, it has few guides and tutorials in order to manage the platform in the best way.

Despite this, it is a great option to invest safely and with good tools. Among them we can also name the alerts about the variations in the financial market. As we can see, this broker has excellent features.

Deposits, Withdrawals, Fees and Limits of Plus500

Deposit Methods and Minimum Deposit

Plus500 has many deposit options. You can choose from the different payment methods accepted to make your investments. To do this, you must first create a user and choose your preferred payment method.

Among them, you can choose credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard. You can also use electronic purses such as Paypal or Skrill. Finally, this broker also accepts bank transfers.

Métodos de depósito y retiro del trading

They must be in the name of the person who previously certified your user. The minimum deposit to start investing in Forex, bitcoin, commodities, etc. is 100 euros.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawing money at Plus500 is also very easy. The methods of withdrawal correspond to the payment method you have chosen for your investment deposit.

So, in case you have chosen Paypal or Skrill, at the time of withdrawing the money you must do it by this same means. However, there is the possibility of doing it by another method, but you must change the same managing your user.

Rates and Commissions

In the case of the fees and commissions of the broker Plus500, we can that are free to withdraw the money. However, there are some exceptions in which it charges a small fee.

In the case of inactivity for a period of 3 months, this trading broker charges a commission of 10 USD. Another case in which he charges a commission is when you withdraw less than 100 euros.

Finally, in case you withdraw more than 5 times in the same month, you will also be charged a fee of 10 USD. The real business of Plus500 is in the spread, i.e. the difference between buying and selling. Their rates are very low.


In the case of the Plus500 limits, these vary depending on the country you are in. While this company does impose limits on withdrawals, it depends on where you live.

They’re rather high. You will be able to withdraw a large amount of money, but it will always depend on the type of currency in which you want to withdraw it and also the place where you are.

When withdrawing money at Plus500, we have an approval period that takes a few days. In this period they verify the account in which they will have to deposit the money earned through trading.

Is Plus500 safe?

Plus500 is totally safe. It is a fully regulated site that offers its clients great reliability to be able to make all kinds of investments in different financial markets.

To keep your users safe and secure, you have the SSL certificate to make your website totally secure. In turn, your funds are protected by separate bank accounts so you can pay your customers.

Finally, one point that gives this company great reliability is that it operates on the London Stock Exchange. Therefore, we can assure you that, by placing your money in this company, you can be totally sure to start enjoying its benefits.


As far as regulation is concerned, Plus500 is regulated by different bodies that guarantee its actions. In this way, this broker operates in a totally secure and transparent way for the benefit of its users.

Trading on this platform is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Seychelles Financial Services Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Análisis y opinión de las mejores plataformas de Forex

So we can see that Plus500 meets the legal requirements for safe operation. Thus, we can say that, when trading on this platform, you can be assured of the support of different international organisations

Compensation Scheme

As for the Plus500 compensation adjustment, we must say that this broker has very low rates. When contracts are renewed in different markets such as forex, stocks, etc. a spread is generated on the purchase and sale.

The compensation you offer will depend on the market in which you are investing your money. According to user feedback this is rather low and can generate a large profit for both Plus500 and users.

Despite this, one of Plus500’s biggest problems is that both its compensation scheme and its leverage are arbitrary. However, it has a UK-regulated compensation scheme in which it can pay its clients up to ?50,000 in compensation.

Customer Service

One of the great things about this trading broker is that it has excellent customer service. If you have any doubts about the tools or investments, you can consult with their specialists.

Plus500 has a high quality service, according to the users’ own opinions. This is because the customer service centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve the public.

You can communicate with the customer service centre via the online chat on the official Plus500 website. There is also an email address where you can consult your problems.

In case you have any doubts about your shares, forex investments or other instruments, the advisors of this platform will be able to solve them. So it is presented with an excellent service.

Reviews of Plus500

As we have argued throughout this post, Plus500 has generated the best user feedback. This is because it is a world leader in the financial market and offers excellent contracts by difference.

Among the opinions, for example, we can cite that of Esther J: “I am very grateful to the platform. I have been investing in trading for years and I can assure you that Plus500 gives great advantages for those of us who have a lot of experience in this market.

In turn, Jonathan T has also left positive comments on a blog. “Thanks to Plus500, I managed to make a lot of money investing in forex and commodities. I must say it has an excellent spread.”

Finally, Joanna D said: “Plus500 is very easy to use and intuitive. I have managed to invest my money with the pre-test in a simple way. I’m very satisfied with the service provided by this provider.”

Alternatives and Competitors of Plus500

While Plus500 is a great option for trading, there are other platforms that offer the same service with different features. So, if you are not convinced to invest your money on this platform, you can look at other forex market reviews.

Below is a complete list of all available brokers in the market:

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Our Choice

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Open an account


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To conclude, we can say that Plus500 is a very good broker for the trading market. It offers excellent features for the financial market and the opinions of the users support this.

One point to keep in mind, is that we believe this platform is a good element for those who have investment experience. Many people have commented that Plus500 may not be useful for those starting out in the world of forex, stocks, commodities, bitcoin, etc.

Although Plus500 has some drawbacks as its tools, in general we can say that it offers a great service. There is a reason why it has managed to expand to many countries and operate through the London Stock Exchange.

In conclusion, we can define Plus500 as a service of excellence with great benefits. Moreover, you will be able to invest safely as it is regulated by different bodies.

Plus500 Technical and Characteristic Data Sheet

Main Features Plus500
Countries where it is regulated 50
Price Free
View offer
Minimum Deposit €100
Time to open account 1 day
Available currencies 60
Available products
Withdrawal fee $10
Inactivity fee 1
Trading Rates 0%
Bank card deposit
Deposit with electronic wallet
Demo account available?
Easy to use platform?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Plus500

🔥 What Is Plus500?

Plus500 is a trading platform that operates worldwide. Here you can invest your money to buy and sell forex, stocks, commodities, indices, etc. It has more than 2000 instruments to put your money into contracts for difference in the financial world.

➕ How does Plus500 work? How can I use it?

Plus500 is a very easy to use platform. All you have to do is generate a user on their official site. Once you have done this, you will need to choose the payment method you need and deposit the minimum of 100 euros. When you have finished this, you can start enjoying the financial world.

✨ How to Sell at Plus500?

This trading platform works by buying and selling assets in the financial market. So if you want to sell your shares or commodities on Plus500, all you have to do is use the tools provided by the platform to do so.

➡ How to Make Money at Plus500?

In the financial world, to make money you have to take risks. Trading strategies involve a great deal of risk that can lead to a loss. However, you can also make a lot of money at Plus500. This platform works by buying and selling currencies (forex), shares, commodities, etc. To make money, you have to wait until the price is higher than the purchase price before you can make a difference.

⭐Is Plus500 safe?

Plus500 is one of the most secure trading sites we can find today. It is regulated by different agencies that make it very safe.

In addition, Plus500 has the SSL certificate that gives the highest security and transparency to users.

✅ Is Plus500 regulated?

Plus500 is regulated by different bodies that are responsible for the security and transparency of the financial market.

The entities that regulate Plus500 include: the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Seychelles Financial Services Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Now that you have all the information at your disposal, you can visit Wallet Adviser for more advice, reviews and opinions about loans, investments and insurance.

Plus500 User Experience and Feedback

Have you used Plus500 services before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Plus500 service in the comments.

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