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Varengold: Review, Analysis and Complete Guide

From Wallet Adviser we invite you to get to know Varengold. A German bank that provides brokerage services for forex trading, capital markets and specialist in futures trading, with the highest reputation in Germany and Europe.

Varengold’s financial structure makes it a secure and reputable broker that attracts customers and investors who are looking for quality service with significant support for investing and trading large sums.

We propose you to know the services and the opinions about this Bank dedicated to the capital market, with 25 years of experience since its foundation in Hamburg in 1995.

Varengold's Pros and Cons


  • Leverage up to 200:1
  • Specialist in futures.
  • Variety of platforms.
  • Insolvency compensation program.


  • 2,500 minimum deposit.
  • Does not operate in US markets.

Varengold Financial Products

Varengold is a bank that offers brokerage services to invest in a wide variety of assets such as stocks, forex, indices, futures, CFDs and commodities in a number of markets around the world in a secure manner.

Unlike other traders, very popular today, who specifically trade contracts for difference, Varengold offers a wider variety and specializes in trading futures (e.g. currency, commodities or bitcoin).

Below you will find a detail of all the assets you can invest in to build your portfolio in Varengold:

Productos financieros de Varengold

Stocks and financial products

  • Actions: You can find a good variety even though you don’t have access to shares that are listed on the US stock exchange.

In this aspect we understand that although the offer is varied, in Varengold the absence of American shares is notorious although on the other hand it is well linked to the Asian market.

  • Currencies (Forex market): You can trade Forex with up to 38 currency pairs, for example EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP are some of your options at Varengold.
  • Commodities: Varengold offers trading services to its clients on various commodities in a good number of markets Oil, cocoa, coffee, cotton, metals (gold, silver and copper) complete a varied offer that is enriched with futures options.
  • Indices: At Varengold you can find up to 14 indices to trade and on which CFDs can be established. This is a more diversified option with a different profitability and operation than stocks, but very common among the most experienced traders.
  • Futures: This is Varengold’s specialty, it allows you to secure the value of your assets at a later time by setting a sale price for an asset when the price may have changed.

It is a very good option for medium term investments and allows interesting operations with volatile assets such as commodities, currencies or bitcoin.


In recent years, crypto-currencies and mainly Bitcoin have become a product of great interest in the world of finance because of their yields and variations that have made them a coveted commodity.

At Varengold you have the possibility to trade in 4 crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin) through CFDs. This trade offers two advantages: firstly, you can make money with increases in value, and also when they depreciate.

In addition, you can access the bitcoin market and the rest of the crypto-currencies through futures contracts, precisely the house’s specialty. As we said, you have the following options:

  • Bitcoin: It was the first crypto-currency and in these times it enjoys great popularity, driven by the notable rise in its value since its launch back in 2009 and the known volatility that manages to capture the interest of curious professionals and amateurs.
  • Ethereum: it is the second most important crypt currency after bitcoin. Decentralized, but with its own platform for its functionality and programming, its value is increasing and it is already making a lot of noise.
  • Ripple: the third most important in the market after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its main feature is the real time settlement system, the currency exchange and the remittance network.
  • Litecoin: created as a division of Bitcoin and with a very similar nature to Bitcoin. The big difference is its almost zero cost and the speed of its transactions up to four times faster than Bitcoin.

How to Open an Account in Varengold

We were able to verify, in agreement with the users’ opinions, that opening an account to invest in Varengold Bank is a safe and relatively simple procedure.

In a few minutes it is possible to select the type of account, complete the required information and submit the requested supporting documentation which after being checked by the broker culminates in the opening and possibility of trading futures, forex or bitcoin on CFDs.

Unlike other brokers, opening a demo account at Varengold is a separate procedure and a good idea to get started. Fewer requirements, steps and a minimum amount of data to trade on a trial basis and decide if it is the right broker for you.

Cómo abrir una cuenta en Varengold

1. Requirements and verification

In order to comply with the regulation and to be able to offer a secure brokerage service, varengold asks its clients to provide real information when completing the forms for the creation of an account.

These data are then checked against the documentation submitted and in case of discrepancies this may be a problem for future withdrawals. The verification must be done only once and a copy of the following documentation will be requested:

  • National Identity Card with photo
  • Proof of residence
  • Credit cards if you used it to deposit funds

In addition, depending on the amount of the initial deposit the hierarchy of the account to be opened. For deposits of £25,000 or more, a Varengold Premium Account is applicable. For those below, the Varengold Classic Account.

2. Demo Account

For those who are just starting out in trading, trading Forex with CFDs or simply want to try out the Varengold broker it is a good idea to generate a demo account, before going through the process of creating the trading account.

In this way, Varengold’s users have access to know the services and operations of the broker to the maximum, providing only a minimum amount of data.

3. Available Countries

Varengold has sales offices in Germany, United Arab Emirates, China and Lebanon. It offers brokerage services in these countries, as well as being authorized to operate in the rest of the European Union countries and some Asian countries such as China or Russia.

Varengold does not admit U.S. traders and does not trade on U.S. exchanges. It also offers versions of its platforms in German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi and Russian.

How to Use Varengold

Varengold provides its users with a good variety of tools and platforms for trading, both for research and analysis as well as for the acquisition or disposal of assets in the portfolio.

Firstly, the operations and investigations through its website are clear, with well-defined options. While a trading site is abundant in numbers and abbreviations, navigating it is usually fluid and intuitive.

In addition you can download or install tools of your choice for trading from your computer such as Metatrader 4 or Varengold Fox Trader. If you need to trade from your mobile, you can use MT4 Mobile or Fox Mobile, both available on iOS and Android.

1. Desktop Platform

As far as trading from your computer is concerned, at Varengold you can invest directly from their website where they have all the training and research tools to trade in the best way.

Also, for the most professional trading experience, Varengold offers the Metatrader 4 platforms which is the favorite of experts and has the best opinions from all types of users and Varengold Fox Trader.

Plataforma de transacciones de Varengold

2. Mobile Platform

For those users who need to trade or invest from their mobile phones, Varengold offers two alternatives: MT4 (one of the most popular platforms) or Fox Mobile (self-developed and customized).

The applications support trading from both a demo and a live account, and provide access to a variety of features such as statistical analysis to optimize forecasting, webinars and more.

Research and Visualization Tools

When analyzing different brokers the first thing you learn is that most investors in online trading lose most of their money. In most cases, bad decisions arise from a lack of knowledge and study of the markets.

In addition to the advice from top professionals and the forex FAQ section, Varengold provides its users with a wide variety of tools to enable better analysis with more successful trading.

Varengold’s knowledge base with articles on the first steps to becoming a good trader and the seven common mistakes of beginners, a forex glossary, the forex learning section with explanatory videos mainly about forex and CFDs and an economic calendar are some of the options.

Varengold Deposits, Withdrawals, Fees and Limits

Varengold Bank as a specialist broker for those looking to invest in forex, stocks, futures, CFDs, crypto currencies (such as bitcoin) and more, allows its users to make deposits or withdrawals to their account through a variety of methods.

In addition, their rates and commissions are competitively priced in relation to the type of exchange requested.

Below, you will find details on how payments and withdrawals work at this broker, in terms of available methods, but also fees, commissions and limitations.

1. Deposit Methods and Minimum Deposit

Varengold Bank allows its users to make deposits using the most common methods on the market such as bank transfers or credit and debit cards.

Among the possibilities you can also find electronic purses that have gained great popularity these days, such as PayPal or Skrill.

The minimum you can deposit in Varengold is £2,500 which because it is high has earned you negative opinions from some visitors or users.

2. Withdrawal Methods

As far as the withdrawal methods at Varengold are concerned, they are identical to the deposit methods, i.e. bank transfers, credit and debit cards or the virtual wallets PayPal or Skrill.

3. Fees and Commissions

The fees and commissions at Varengold mainly correspond to the type of exchange requested. Spreads range from 2-4 pips depending on the selected currency pair.

Fees for deposits and withdrawals depend on the method and are charged as follows:

  • Credit/debit cards: they have a maximum of Deposits over £5,000 have a 1.85% deposit fee. Card ownership must be verified prior to deposit or withdrawal.
  • PayPal: For withdrawals or deposits we charge a fee of £0.35 + 1.2% or + 3.2% depending on whether the merchant is from the European Union or abroad respectively.
  • Skrill: fees of 1.9% + EUR 0.25 for deposits and 1% for withdrawals.

In the case of credit cards and PayPal, no fees are charged for deposits under £5,000 and bank transfer fees are around 2% although they are slightly higher for deposits in US dollars.

Estrategias financieras de trading online

4. Limits

As we said, the minimum limit to be deposited in varengold is EUR 2,500 and it has earned him negative feedback. There is no maximum or minimum for withdrawals. Besides, it accepts deposits only in Euros and Dollars, not other currency or bitcoin.

In addition, credit card withdrawals are limited to the amount deposited through that method. Any excess of the amount deposited by card must be withdrawn by transfer to a bank account.

Is Varengold Safe?

The choice of a broker service for investing, whether in forex, futures stocks or cryptomonics (such as bitcoin) should provide for a secure broker. Varengold Bank is undoubtedly one of the best options in that respect.

It is a bank recognized in Europe for the quality of its services in addition to its operations as a broker in capital markets without the need to risk that reputation and is regulated and audited by BaFin.

Furthermore, in 25 years of operating in the capital market, there have been no complaints about violations of the regulations in force and the opinions of its users support the claim that Varengold is safe.

1. Regulation

As we said, Varengold Bank’s broker service is absolutely safe. Its operations are supported by being licensed and audited by BaFin, the body that regulates financial institutions in Germany.

Under license 109520 granted by the agency, its investors can invest with the peace of mind and support of a rigorous agency in control and a Varengold Bank that in 25 years maintains an impeccable record in the behavior and way of handling accounts and their business.

2. Compensation Scheme

Varengold Bank, as a financial services institution, is covered by the provisions for compensation to customers in case of insolvency. In Germany this compensation is carried out under the scheme of the German Bankers’ Compensation Fund (EdB).

EdB is the entity in charge of insuring the funds in bank and investment accounts in German entities. Its coverage in the case of securities liabilities is up to 90% of the stocks in the account up to a maximum of

3. Customer Service

Varengold Bank offers its users 24-hour customer service. Through their email or telephone, investors can obtain support on any platform or financial advice on their investments.

Our experience with the service was very satisfactory, both for the speed of response and the quality and effectiveness determined by the warmth and professionalism of Varengold Bank’s staff.

In that sense, we notice that the users’ opinions reflect the same experience, valuing the quality and speed of the attention received.

Varengold’s opinions

When reviewing the opinions of Varengold users one comes across phrases like: “the best futures trader in Europe” or also “excellent personal service”.

We note the compliance that many users demonstrate with the service of the experts that make up Varengold’s team, for example “she is an expert in forex and crypto trading and has also proven to be trustworthy”.

In our review of opinions about Varengold it was not so difficult to find dissatisfied users or negative opinions. The absence of US markets or the high initial deposit are often the main criticisms.

Varengold’s Alternatives and Competitors

Of course, Varengold is not your only option for trading. Even though it is a secure and reliable broker that is fully regulated, at Wallet Adviser we want to help you find a service that perfectly suits your needs.

Check out the list below with all the reviews and opinions of the rest of the options to compare, find another one or simply learn a little more about trading options:

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We are making this review about Varengold Bank’s brokerage service with a well known firm, with a fair prestige obtained along 25 years in the business first with classic investments and then with digital ones.

We understand that this broker’s forte is futures, although they generally present a quality service for the rest of the options they offer, although the absence of the American markets may be an irremediable fault for some investors.

This is definitely a safe, serious broker with the standards that are customary in German financial institutions.

Varengold Technical and Characteristic Data Sheet

Main Features Varengold
Countries where it is regulated 33
Price Free
View offer
Minimum Deposit €2.500
Time to open account 1 day
Available currencies 38
Available products
Withdrawal fee 1%
Inactivity fee 1
Trading Rates Low
Bank card deposit
Deposit with electronic wallet
Demo account available?
Easy to use platform?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Varengold

✅ What is Varengold?

Varengold is a German bank founded in 1995 in Hamburg that provides brokerage services for investing in forex stock trading and specializes in futures trading, but also operates indices and CFDs.

⭐ How does Varengold work? How can I use it?

Creating your forex trading account with Varengold Bank broker is usually a simple and secure procedure. All you have to do is log in to the site and select the option to create an account. Remember to provide real information that can be checked against the documentation you submit.

To trade, once the minimum deposit has been made, take advantage of the service that includes trading on the website itself, the MetaTrader4 standard and MT4 apps for both smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android.

From there you can review quotes and buy the asset you want whether it be forex, CFDs, stocks, futures (option for cryptosystems such as bitcoin).

➡ How to Sell in Varengold?

Unlike brokers who only trade contracts for difference, selling an asset in your Banco Varengold portfolio will depend on its nature.

In most cases you can log in to your account from the Metatrader, MT4 mobile or zulutrade platform, watch the quotes and decide the sales you want with just a few clicks.

✨ How to Make Money in Varengold?

In order to make money when investing in the Hamburg capital market through Varengold Bank it is very important to take advantage of the tools that the broker makes available and to study the behaviour of the interest markets to the maximum.

➕Is Varengold Secure?

Absolutely. There are several reasons to claim that Varengold is safe. First of all, it is an institution with more than 25 years of experience in capital market operations with the best opinions of its customers during that time.

In addition Varengold operates under BaFin regulation and the security of its platforms, payment methods and personal information is guaranteed as well as its customer compensation program in case of bankruptcy.

🔥Is Varengold regulated?

Varengold Bank offers a brokerage service for investing in forex trading on the Hamburg capital market under the regulation and audit of BaFin, the body that regulates financial institutions in Germany.

It also offers an insolvency compensation plan through EdB that allows the investor to develop its activity safely in case of a possible decapitalization of the broker.

Has it helped you? We hope this review has helped you decide if Varengold is the broker service you needed. Remember to visit our main page with all the information about trading, insurance, loans, foreign exchange and forex, with the best opinions from our experts.

Varengold User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Varengold's services before? Would you recommend him? Tell us your experience using a Varengold service in the comments.

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