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Wikifolio: Review, Analysis and Complete Guide

Experienced investors agree that wikifolio is a broker of excellence, among the safest in the world. With this trading platform you can earn a lot of money by trading currencies on Forex, whether physical or virtual like Bitcoin.

Opening an account and investing in currencies has never been easier than with wikifolio. This broker, founded in 2012 in Vienna, already has more than 7 years of experience in the world of trading. You can fully rely on their services, as few are more secure.

Read on to learn more about Forex trading from the comfort of your home with wikifolio.

Pros and cons of wikifolio


  • Freedom of action in Forex based on your own decisions.
  • Easy interface for selecting and reversing.
  • Forex trading and Bitcoin.
  • Collateralized certificates.
  • Secure and transparent broker.
  • Positive feedback throughout the site.
  • No per-transaction fees.


  • 30% commission for higher profits.
  • 95% certification fee,

Wikifolio Financial Products

1. Stocks and Financial Products

This trading site is mainly based on the creation of wikipholios by the user. Once a wikifolio (or Forex trading strategy) reaches 10 votes from the community, the company creates an ETP that reflects the performance of that wikifolio.

Community users can thus purchase an ETP and achieve the same performance as the wikifolio on which it is based. Currently, has almost 200,000 registered users, with over 20,000 wikifolios that may eventually become ETP.

This broker operates in the markets of Bern and Stuttgart. After its resounding success on the German, Austrian and Swiss Forex, it is currently looking to expand on other European markets, both real and virtual, such as Bitcoin.

2. Crypto curruencies

Among the published Wikiphiles and the ETPs that can be acquired, a relatively low proportion is based on so-called cryptoconomies. That is, virtual currency trading, the most relevant example of which is Bitcoin.

The highest ETPs are attributed to Michael Walch, a renowned user since mid-2019, whose strategies published in the form of wikiphos show a steady rise since his creation in Bitcoin trading.

Criptomonedas wikifolio

Beyond being almost exclusively dedicated to the Bitcoin market, the wikiphols referred to can be applied to other cryptomontages such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and many others. You can, in fact, publish your own wikifolio based on them.

3. Unique Programs

wikifolio stands out among its competitors for its innovative marketing. As previously mentioned, at wikifolio you have the possibility to create, buy and sell Forex trading strategies, also called wikifolios.

In this sense, wikifolio is a unique company, which gives new and experienced investors an unprecedented opportunity.

Wikiphiles are fantastic tools, which make investing in the art safer than doing it on your own. Think about it. In Wikiphiles, you acquire trading strategies that have already been tested by their creators and by all the buyers.

On the main page you can see the strategies available for anything. In fact, the search engine works wonders. If you want to search for Bitcoin wikifolios to fatten up your account, for example, you can do it in a matter of seconds.

How do I open a wikiphone account?

1. General Introduction and Information

wikifolio is a special site for you, if you are looking to invest in Forex in a safe and low risk way. When it comes to trading, opinions agree that this is one of the best brokers.

As with most web services, the first thing to do is to create an account. You can do this by clicking on the button that says “Register” (the original page is in German) in the top right corner of the screen.

Registro en Wikifolio

Clicking on this bright green button will start the registration process automatically. Remember that if you already have an account, you must press the button to the left of it, which says “Login”.

In the account creation process you will have to provide certain personal data, mainly first and last name. You must also provide a valid email address and state your country of residence and date of birth, among other information.

The important thing is that you are sure that these data are true, as they are important for the legitimacy of the page. An online broker like wikifolio is not a site like any other, where your identity does not matter.

2. Requirements and Verification

It is very important that you check if you are qualified to trade Forex before entering the brokerage world as wikifolio. wikifolio is a Forex trading site like any other, in the sense that it has the same conditions of use.

To be able to operate in Forex, through wikifolio or any other broker, you must be of legal age, as well as possessing a valid means of payment in your name. The opinions express that the controls in wikifolio are strict, so it is not recommended to try to avoid them.

3. Available Countries

Born in Germany in 2012, this broker has pursued expansion practically from the outset, managing to reach the Swiss and Austrian markets quickly.

Now, wikifolio’s homepage announces that the company is seeking, more than ever, to expand into new trading markets at a European level. Whether it’s the virtual currency market like Bitcoin, or the real currency market like the Euro, that’s the idea at wikifolio.

You can invest in the German, Austrian and Swiss market, for the time being, securely via wikifolio. Other emerging Forex markets, such as Spain and France, will be available on wikifolio soon.

How to use wikifolio?

1. General Information

wikifolio proposes a novel system, in which users create, sell or acquire Forex trading strategies. These strategies are called like the site, wikifolios.

Usar Wikifolio

Among the opinions, wikifolio has both supporters and detractors, but in general, they are all very positive. Most are based on the fact that investing through pre-formatted strategies is safer for less experienced users in the forex market.

The concept behind this is simple to understand. An inexperienced user, interested in investing in Forex trading, may feel much more lost by choosing an ordinary broker, which allows him too much freedom of action.

On wikifolio you can invest, for example, in Bitcoin if you think that the currency will gain value, but you won’t do it independently or in an unthinking way, but through a strategy already executed by other users, who rate it and give their opinions about it.

On the other hand, for more experienced users and an account inflated by success in the financial markets, wikifolio offers the option to sell your strategies. That is, publish it on wikifolio and wait for other users to buy it.

When ten users interested in your strategy decide to invest in it, wikifolio will ETP it to increase its visibility and your dividends will grow rapidly. According to users’ opinions, this is the biggest way to increase your wikifolio account.

2. Desktop Platform

From a practical point of view, at Wallet Adviser we mainly recommend this platform, as it is the easiest to use of both. To make use of the wikifolio web platform, you only have to enter its home page and log in to your account.

The easiest way to trade Forex with wikifolio is through the browser application. You can access it through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any browser you use. Investing in financial trading has never been easier or safer.

3. Mobile Platform

wikifolio does not have a mobile app, although this is not necessarily a disadvantage. You can use wikifolio to invest in Forex, with the same account as on your computer, from your mobile browser.

Plataforma para móviles

While it’s not available from the Android or Apple app store, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to use. To do so, simply access the browser of your choice from your mobile.

If you wish to use wikifolio from your mobile phone, you can do so with the same account and perform the same actions as on the computer. However, the lack of an independent app is, among the users’ opinions, an account to be settled for wikifolio.

Research and Visualization Tools offered by wikifolio

The wikiphone search engine is the number one tool the site has. According to the users’ opinions, this search engine works wonderfully and is very easy to use.

With this search engine you can find the currency trading strategies that best suit your intentions at any given time. You may want to invest in Bitcoin first, for example, and then in a real currency, and with this search engine you can do it perfectly.

Among the opinions of users, it is very common to find that novice investors use this tool much more than experienced ones, given the usefulness it offers.

However, experienced investors can use it in the same way to quickly visualize the wikifolio that best suits their financial intentions. With the Wikiphotos search engine you can find the best and newest Wikiphiles, in real time.

Deposits, Withdrawals, Rates and Limits of wikifolios

1. Methods of Deposit, Withdrawal and Minimum Deposit

wikifolio is not a classic broker, given the complex system of investment strategies already detailed in this article. It is for this reason that the methods of deposit and withdrawal are somewhat intricate.


To opt for one strategy or another of trading in Forex through wikifolio, you need an external broker to enter and withdraw money. That is, you need a bank account, or another web broker, to act as an intermediary, linked to your wikifolio account.

This is because wikifolio is a broker that deals with trading strategies that can be applied to Forex, whether they are real or virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, and not an ordinary broker.

Therefore, the methods of withdrawal, deposit and limits correspond to those held by the broker whose account you link to wikifolio, and are not intrinsic characteristics of wikifolio itself.

2. Fees and Commissions

Basically, there are two types of fees, certification fees and performance fees, and they apply to wikiphos created by you.

The certification fee is a fixed cost that you will pay daily. You can think of it as a right to publish on the site. Its value is 0.95% per year, calculated pro rata. The performance fee, on the other hand, can vary between 0 and 30%, depending on the success of the wikifolio in question.

3. Limits

As mentioned above, wikifolio does not itself set deposit and withdrawal limits, nor does it impose transaction conditions. This site is about trading strategies on Forex, so there are no limits on the page itself.

Therefore, to find out about the limits to which your account is subject, you should go to the homepage of the external broker where you have an account associated with your wikifolio account.

Is wikifolio safe?

1. Regulation

Beyond not complying with official regulations, wikifolio imposes strict identity controls when creating a new account. That’s why wikifolio is safe, as fake identities or troll accounts have no place on this site.

Users’ opinions agree on how safe the site is: there is no risk when investing in wikifolios, beyond the risks intrinsic to Forex trading. Users are aware of these risks, or should be, as they are stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Seguridad deWikifolio

2. Compensation Scheme

The compensation scheme does not work, in wikifolio , as in the rest of the online brokers. Mainly, for the reason we have exposed for deposits and withdrawals: wikifolio is not a traditional broker, and depends on external accounts for trading on Forex.

However, when you register an account on this site you will be using an account with another broker, and if that broker is legitimate, you will be covered by the CIF (Investor’s Compensation Fund).

This insurance for Forex investors works across the European continent and means compensation of up to £20,000, provided the conditions are met.

3. Customer Service

The technical support service of this site is considered among the best in the online brokerage market. You can contact us, mainly, through two means: email and telephone.

In this link you can see all the contact options. There you will see that the telephone numbers vary according to the country, even if the e-mail box is the same.

However, to reach us from Germany you can call +49 211 247 907 70, from Austria +43 720 303 812 70 and from Switzerland +41 435 080 689. The phone number for the rest of the world is +49 211 731 490 60, while the email address is support@wikifolio.com.

Opinions from wikifolio

Karlos R. Karlos R.: “I am living in Germany and have always wanted to enter the world of Forex trading, but without success. Since I have linked my regular broker’s account with the wikiphone account, I have started to see results“.


Laura F.: “You could say I’m an experienced investor in the Bitcoin market, but it’s fair to admit that wikifolio has made things a lot easier. Now the process has been made easier for me, and with much less risk. wikifolio is very safe”.

Paulo Y.: “Although I know that many of my colleagues use online brokers to invest in Bitcoin, I use wikifolio to invest in real currencies. It feels better, although it is only one of my personal opinions.

Alternatives and Competitors of wikifolio

wikifolio is a recommended broker for various reasons, but it is not the only one that is reviewed by Wallet Adviser. Below you can find a complete list of the best brokers on the web.

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Conclusion About wikifolio

After analyzing in depth this increasingly popular broker, it is necessary to emphasize in several points. The first is something that has been repeated throughout the article, and that is that it is not a conventional broker.

This is because it is not a tool for trading directly in Forex, but a kind of intermediary. It works perfectly as a showcase of strategies and mutual funds for investing indirectly in Forex and currency trading.

Whether you’re looking to trade on the real or virtual currency market, such as Bitcoin, the important thing to know is that to use this broker, you need another account, a primary one, to associate with your wikifolio account.

And from the latter comes everything else: the limits, deposits and operations will be executed, to a large extent and mainly, through the other broker of your choice. You will not trade directly, no matter what type of trading, through wikifolios.

This may well be considered a disadvantage, although many opinions see it as a positive thing. wikifolio is ideal for introducing interested and inexperienced investors to Forex, and it’s hard to find another tool as effective as this one to achieve this.


Without going any further, wikiphone users receive a step-by-step guide to investing in Forex; their experience is much less independent than that of other brokers, it is true, but that also means that it is a much safer journey.

Therefore, our final conclusion is that wikifolio is a secure site, a broker in which you will perceive relatively less risk compared to other brokers, in which you may achieve faster profits.

If you are an enthusiast who does not yet know the ins and outs of the Forex world, then wikifolio is the broker for you: safe, reliable and easy to use for investing in the most important markets of international finance.

Wikifolio Fact Sheet and Features

Main Features Wikifolio
Countries where it is regulated 3
Price Free
View offer
Minimum Deposit $0
Time to open account 1 day
Available currencies 20
Available products
Withdrawal fee 0-30%
Inactivity fee 1
Trading Rates 0.95%
Bank card deposit
Deposit with electronic wallet
Demo account available?
Easy to use platform?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about wikifolio (FAQs):

🔥 What is wikifolio?

wikifolio is an online broker, which allows you to invest in Forex, i.e. the international financial trading market. At wikifolio you can invest in virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, or real currencies, such as the Euro, in a secure way and from your personal account.

➕ How does wikifolio work? How can I use it?

wikifolio works by creating, buying and selling trading strategies. You can use it by logging in to its homepage and creating an account. The creation of the account is completely free.

✨ How to Sell on Wikifolio

You can create a trading strategy and publish it on the wikifolio page. If it works and is really efficient, you will quickly get followers who will want to pay to use it. That money will enter your account, you can withdraw it or invest in Forex.

➡ How to Make Money on Wikifolio

Just as you can create and sell a wikifolio, you can also simply adopt to your account a strategy already built by another user. In terms of Bitcoins, for example, there are many wikiphos to try and buy.

⭐Is wikifolio safe?

Yes, wikifolio is among the safest brokers on the internet, according to the favorable opinions you can find throughout the web portals that specialize in brokers, trading or Forex.

✅Can I invest in Bitcoin with wikifolio?

Yes, of course. At wikifolio you can invest in the real, physical, or virtual currency market, such as Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. Just go to the main page and look for the specialized Bitcoin strategies.

If you’ve come this far, you already know all about wikifolio, a new and modern broker. Be sure to visit our homepage to learn more about Forex trading, and the best brokers to do it. Good luck!

Opinions and Experience of wikifolio users

Have you used wikifolio services before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a wikifolio service in the comments.

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